One of the biggest past times this time of year is watching all the great bowl games.    Starting with the Rose Bowl back at the beginning of the 20th century, the popularity of these college games has grown to where there are now 35 games referred to as Bowl Games.  The origination of the term Bowl came from the style of stadium the game was played in, although not all games in the Bowl series are actually played in a bowl shaped stadium.   The very first game was called the Tournament East-West football game and The Tournament of Roses Association was the first official sponsor.  This game was between Michigan (40) and Stanford (0) and starting in 1916, it became an annual event.

These games start on December 17th and run through January 9th, starting with the New Mexico Bowl, held in University Stadium in Albuquerque between Temple and Wyoming and ending with the Allstate BCS National Championship Game in the Super Dome in New Orleans, LA.  Check out the full schedule here.  While the NFL also uses the term bowl for its championship games, to most of us, when we think of a bowl game, it still means great college football.

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