LallDo you love a good mystery?  Is your idea of a great way to spend an evening to curl up with your favorite “whodunit” author’s latest book?   When planning your next vacation, consider a murder mystery getaway.

Murder Mystery getaways are a very popular vacation theme covering everything from the classic detective story to one of today’s most popular “whodunit” TV shows.   What could be more fun for a murder mystery buff than to be able to play a part from their favorite murder mystery?

From a lively weekend at a hotel to looking for clues on a cruise, there are so many options available to have the perfect mystery get away.  Do you love traveling by train?  There are great packages that let you spend a leisurely weekend playing detective, witness or even victim while traveling by rail.

So what are you waiting for?  Put down that book and pick up your magnifying glass.  Let Ingenious Travel book you on a fabulous “whodunit” weekend today!

Who is your favorite fictional detective?

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