7 Spellbinding Bookstores You Have to See

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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” We’d have to agree with Ernest Hemingway. Whether you consider yourself a bibliophile or just a casual reader, a good book is an essential part of travel. Ranging from the iconic to the strange and stunningly beautiful, these are bookstores around the world are perfect vacation […]

Why Dude Ranch Vacations Are Perfect For Groups

Dude Ranch | Ingenious Travel

A Dude Ranch is a perfect vacation option, especially for traveling with a group of friends and/or family. It’s the original Western vacation that’s gaining more popularity in today’s world. The concept of the Dude Ranch began around the early 19th century when ranch owners started hosting guests from the Midwest and East Coast to […]

The World Is Your Classroom

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Traveling frequently can broaden our horizons and teach us some valuable life lessons. While traveling, we are in a constant learning process in which the world is our classroom, and everyone and everything around us acts as books and teachers to teach us something every day. Here are four valuable lessons that traveling teaches you. […]

Five Must-See Destinations in Chile

Chile is the narrowest nation throughout the world yet its borders provide some of the most diverse terrain. From waterfalls to mountains, hot springs to volcanoes… you never know what you might come across next. It’s no secret that the country provides a vast array of exciting things to do and see for people of […]

Ghostly Gallivanting: a look at the world’s most haunted places

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If you’re into encounters of the spine-tingling variety, you’re part of a small but passionate group of travelers. “Paranormal Travel” enthusiasts participate regularly in online forums, and there’s even a small cottage industry that specializes in highlighting travel to spooky (we mean haunted) destinations. If this interests you or someone you know, here’s a quick […]

Travel restrictions won’t last forever!

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Having to stay home during the pandemic isn’t easy for anyone. Even if you are getting good things from the slowed pace or are finding unexpected joy in the quiet — this time can still be a time of restlessness, uncertainty, and anxiety. You probably know someone (maybe yourself!) who had to cancel a destination […]

Best Travel Movies to Watch Now

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Since we are staying home, and most schools are closed as well, I thought it might be a help to recommend some of my favorite travel-themed movies that you can easily find on the many streaming services that are out there. What better way to spend a couple of hours with your family than watching […]

Solo Traveling in Ireland

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For some travelers, the idea of exploring the world alone sounds invigorating. For others, it sounds lonely. But, it doesn’t have to be! If you’re without a match in 2020, this year might just be the perfect time to head to Ireland. Below are some tips for enjoying a visit to the country even if […]

FAQs of Working With A Travel Professional

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When I meet new people and tell them that I work as a travel professional, there are often a lot of questions to come up. From asking “do travel agents still exist?” to hearing stories of vacation disasters that were easily preventable, I’ve heard it all. What I have realized is that there are a […]

How to Prepare to Enjoy Your Long Haul

First things first Let’s face it, it’s expensive to travel to far away places (and totally worth it, trust me!) Compared to most shorter distance, or domestic flights, you may already be experiencing some sticker shock. But let me suggest a reframe here…. Instead of looking at the total price tag, break it down into […]