International travel documents: what to bring and how to keep them safe

Planning for your dream vacation can be so exciting — where you’re going to stay, what you’ll see, the shows you’ll take in, all the amazing food you’ll eat. But what about all your travel documents? Are they all in order?  Here’s a list of everything you need, plus practical tips on how to keep […]

Turn your red-eye into some shut eye

how to prepare forr long haul flights | ingenious travel

Sleeping well on a plane has developed into a certain kind of art — and into a healthy business — with savvy travelers constantly scoping out new ways to make long flights more conducive to actual rest. Here are a few that really seem to have some payoff. Splurge on a better seat. Sure, not […]

Why Use a Travel Agent

Why use a travel agent | ingenious travel

“Do people still use a travel agent?” It’s a question I hear often, and my answer is always the same… ABSOLUTELY! At least, the smart ones do. While the internet is chock full of information about every destination under the sun and there you will find a multitude of web sites dedicated to allowing you […]

In the air, under the sea, on the ice, in a tree: a look at some incredible hotels

incredible hotels | ingenious travel

Travel is meant to transport you — to other places, obviously, but also sometimes to other times, other worlds, other possibilities. These four utterly incredible hotels are full of the magic, mystery, and wonder that travel embodies. These are places you might never want to leave! The Taj Palace Resort, Lake Pichola, Rajasthan, India is […]

Discover Your Travel Profile for the Perfect Getaway

travel profile | ingenious travel

There are, of course, thousands of possible trips out there. There are plenty of great trips to choose from — and then there are trips that are great for you. Being honest about what you want and need and getting to know your own personal travel profile can save you from the but-it-looked-great-on-paper trip disappointment. […]

7 Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

gift ideas for travel enthusiasts | ingenious travel

It’s no secret that many people adore traveling. It’s also not surprising that most folks can’t buy expensive trips for friends and family as gifts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get someone who loves to travel the perfect present. In fact, I’ve found 8 gifts for a travel enthusiast that I think you’ll agree […]

Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

travel safety tips for seniors

When it comes to going on vacation, the last thing most people want to think about is safety. The simple reason for that, is getting away from it all is supposed to be a carefree and fun experience. Still, the truth is that we must keep safety top of mind because we’re the only ones […]

Don’t Wait To Travel With Your Kids!

family travel | ingenious travel

“One day…we’re going to take the kids to Hawaii!”, “We really want to travel over to Europe, but we’re waiting until the kids are older” ; “We really want to go out West and see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but our summers are just too busy”. Do any of those statements sound familiar to […]

Ingenious Travel Can Meet Your Adventure Travel Needs

adventure travel | ingenious travel

Are you looking for something different for your next getaway? Then, perhaps an adventure trip is just what the doctor ordered. Ingenious Travel has partnered with Exodus Travels, and thanks to this partnership, we are proud to offer our clients: More than 160 hiking itineraries More than 90 cycling itineraries Mixed activity trips featuring things […]

5 Awesome Things To Do During Your Visit To NYC

new york city | ingenious travel

Already done the “touristy” things on your last visit to New York City? Check out these off the beaten path favorites. 1. Museum of Modern Art The Museum of Modern art is another great place to see some incredible art. There are always new artists and exhibits being featured at the Museum of Modern Art […]