flicker.com  vermont22usWith the Summer Olympics set to open in London in less than two months, what better time to think about our dependence on our electronic devices and making sure that wherever we travel, they will still work?

These days, no matter where you look, people are plugged-in to life via (cell phone, iPad, laptop, etc.).  Making sure that your electronics will work in advance of a trip abroad will save you headaches afterwards.  Cell phones are not universally international, so it pays to check with your carrier to see if you will have service, and how much it costs, when you are traveling overseas.  Using the Skype phone service is a great alternative for phoning home and will cost you a much less than placing calls from your cell or hotel.

And, if your cell phone is not international ready, chances are your air card is not either.  Don’t assume your hotel provides free Internet – be sure to check your hotel’s Internet policies so you are prepared. Also, make sure to ask if there are charges for bandwidth usage or for sending files and images.  You’d be surprised at how many places provide free Internet connections then charge you for additional usage over and above casual browsing. Consider setting up a travel email address and instead of emailing photos back home, post them up on a service that will allow you to then simply share the link with friends back home. This way saves you bandwidth usage on your air card and if you are using your hotel’s free Internet it could also save you a surcharge for sending files.

What electronic travel tips would you like to share?

Source Image flicker.com  vermont22us

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