Reindeer Sledding Norway | Ingenious TravelHeading to Norway in the near future and still not quite sure what to fill your days with while there? Well, consider something a little more unique that you can check off your bucket list and head out on a reindeer sledding adventure!

What Is Reindeer Sledding?

Reindeer sledding is the oldest form of transport in the north as well as a still important part of certain cultures throughout Norway. Known as a very “soft” adventure that is the perfect activity for people of all ages, ranging from little ones to older adults, reindeer sledding is an immensely unique and special opportunity of a lifetime.

When Can You Participate?

The typical season of reindeer sledding is around mid-November to the end of March. This is due to the weather and when the snow is falling, making it the perfect time to head out on a reindeer sledding adventure! If you happen to be heading to Norway during those early and late winter months, then you are certainly in luck and especially for those visiting in March, as your chances of experiencing the Northern Lights are even greater!

Where Do You Go Reindeer Sledding?

This adventure typically takes place in the northern area of Norway toward the white plains of Finnmark. However, there are other options throughout the rest of country. It just so happens that the most popular place to participate is in the north due to the cultural heritage and history of the activity to the Sami people.

What Does It Entail?

There are several fantastic companies throughout Norway that offer great day trips for reindeer sledding. They take care of everything from start to finish and all you need to do is go along for the ride! Bundled up, you will hop in the sled (typically two-person sled per every one reindeer), sit back and enjoy the fairytale like surroundings as you make your way through the white snow. Another great aspect of heading out on this adventure is that you get to learn about the long history of reindeer sledding as well as the importance it still has today. It provides an excellent learning experience for those history buffs and curious travelers who decide to participate!

What Should You Wear?

As you can imagine, it gets rather chilly during the months of November through March and with a high chance of snowfall while out on the snowy plains, you are going to want to make sure you are warm and cozy! Be sure to pack extra mittens or gloves, a warm wool hat, layers of clothes and thick socks. Just about every company that you book through, however, will provide reindeer skins and blankets that will help to keep you a little extra warm and comfortable throughout the journey.

Why Should I Go Reindeer Sledding?

To experience an opportunity of a lifetime! How many people can say they have ridden on a sled being pulled by a reindeer throughout the snowy northern plains of Norway? Not many! Enjoy the natural beauty, peaceful surroundings and overall thrill that comes with this activity and you surely will not be sorry you did.

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