Cycling through French Wine Country | Ingenious TravelFrom steep and challenging winding roads through mountains to narrow streets that pass by countryside and villages, cycling through the French Wine Country is nothing short of a spectacular journey bringing about the utmost pleasure. If you are an avid wine lover as well as a cycling enthusiast, there truly is no better way to experience the best of both worlds than heading out on a trip of a lifetime. Though there are several regions, towns and territories to be explored, the following are some of the most magnificent ones to consider cycling through…

The Alps

Though it was once known to be nearly completely forbidden, today the French Alps serve as the perfect stomping grounds for any experienced cyclist looking for a rare and breathtaking venture. Climbing through the famous Lake Geneva and Izoard will make for the perfect combination of challenge and gratification.


There simply would be no trip fully complete without a journey through the Bordeaux Region. As the most highly esteemed wine region throughout all of France, your journey will take you past picturesque views along the Dordogne River and of course bring you to some of the most fantastic wineries to enjoy along the way.


A gorgeous northwestern peninsula known for its very rocky coastline and scenic views overlooking the sea, Brittany is often considered a cycling destination that offers the best of both land and sea. Along with pleasing to the eye, this French wine region also offers varietals paired with some of the best foods in the entire area.


Another highly sought after location in which delivers some of the world’s most celebrated wines both red and white, Burgundy will have you indulging in only the best of the best. An easier cycling ride, you will find yourself soon surrounded by regal properties, Romanesque churches and so much more all set in one of the most beautiful backdrops.


Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of bubbly to celebrate a cycling journey well done? Champagne brings you to the original dwelling place of one of the most loved beverages throughout the world, which just so happens to be absolutely stunning filled with Gothic churches, majestic vineyards and plenty more you are sure to fall in love with.

Cycling through the French Wine Country will undoubtedly become one of your most favorite journeys and a time in which you will look back on with only the fondest memories for years to come.

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