True Game of Thrones fans know, that if they want to see where the show is filmed, they need to get to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Why, because Belfast is home to Titanic Studios, aka the spot that many episodes are filmed in full. And, what isn’t filmed on set, is filmed closeby to the set. As Visit Belfast says, these film locations are “only a stone’s throw away.” Want to learn more about the filming locations? Below are a handful of them. Warning if you haven’t watched all the seasons, there may be some spoilers in this post.

Cushendun Caves

Grab your walking shoes and head to the village of Cushendun for a breathtaking journey through the Cushendun caves. You may recognize this spot from season two as a cove that was in the Stormlands.

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Murlough Bay

This bay is known for its remote location and its extraordinary beauty. Most visitors say the best views are worth what can only be described as a frightening drive that must be taken to get to it.   


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Ballintoy Harbour

This small fishing harbour made its debut in season two. In the series it was called Lordsport Harbour, and it’s where we first see Theon Greyjoy come home.

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At Larrybane you can cross the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge. That is if you’re brave enough. This is where in season 6 we see Balon Greyjoy meet his maker after a brawl.

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Antrim’s Dark Hedges

This area is one of the most popular areas in all of Northern Ireland for photographs. The Dark Hedges is an avenue lined with beech trees that were planted to be quite the impressive entrance to Gracehill House.

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Castle Ward

You this Castle better as season one’s Winterfell. You know, the home of the House Stark. In reality it has been home to the Ward family since the 16th century.

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Inch Abbey

You know this area as season one’s Robb Stark’s Camp, Riverrun. However, it’s actually a large, monastic site that is a former Cistercian Abbey founded by John de Courcy in atonement for his destruction of Erenagah Abbey.

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Downhill Strand

This is one of several gorgeous beaches in Northern Ireland. It’s sands have been referred to as “miles of golden sand.” It’s also where Bronn and Jamie, disguise themselves as Martell soldiers to head to the Water Gardens, and fight and kill some of the Dornish.

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Want to Visit Game of Thrones Locations For Yourself?

Interested in indulging in your own Game of Thrones getaway? Tours that include many of these filming locations, as well as additional custom packages are available. By the way, dressing up as your favorite characters on many of these tours is not only allowed, it’s encouraged! Call Ingenious Travel at 888.695.0321, today!


*Photo Credit: Wikipedia and Flickr

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