bigstock-Caymans-23461001George Town, the capital of the Grand Cayman, is popular for a lot more than its banking systems and tax havens. The area is known to host some of the best sights and scenery in the Caribbean. The islands might not be known for dramatic landscapes and lively nightlife. But, what they do offer to the modern day tourist is a charming location, a slower pace of life and natural delights which range from snorkeling and diving to hiking and bird watching. Here is a list of the top 5 things to do in George Town.

05. Visit the Cayman Islands National Museum

Grand Cayman MuseumKnown to be the highlight of most itineraries in George Town, the  Cayman Islands National Museum is a small albeit extremely popular landmark of the capital city. Its small size is well compensated by the fact that it is housed in one of the oldest buildings on the island, a building which in itself is worth seeing. The museum offers tourists which a variety of artifacts which offer great insights into the history of the area and its local flora and fauna. The main highlight of the museum is a wonderful movie presentation which introduces tourists to the museum and to the island as well. With an entry fee of about $8, the museum is definitely worth one’s time.

04. Sample the exquisite George Town Cuisine

rum cakeSpending an entire day in the Cayman Islands is impossible without someone offering you a piece of the local Heavy Cake, the Stingray beer or the conch fritters. Another snack which is a must try is the Tortuga Rum Cake that can be found in Tortuga Rum Company stores which are located all over the island. Other local delicacies include the ICOA chocolates and the smoothies of Joe’s Caribbean Shack.

03. Shop till you drop in the shopping district of George Town

Like most other Caribbean ports, the Grand Cayman also offers tourists with a plethora of duty free shops georgetown_duty_free_shops_easywebsites.ky_flickrand indigenous stores that sell a variety of local goods. As a result, no list of the Top 5 Things to Do in George town would be complete without describing  some of the magnificent shopping avenues found here. Artifacts Ltd (known for its antique goods such as coins, handmade ceramics, maps and china) and Guy Harvey’s Gallery and Shoppe (known for its marine themed apparel and a variety of local arts and crafts) are some of the best places to purchase locally made collectibles in George Town. Arabus (known for beautiful evening wear dresses), Temptations Italian Lingerie (offering beautiful Italian lingerie and beachwear) and Blue Wave (known for its beach wear and surfing goods) are popular George Town stores when it comes to clothing and accessories. Purchasing watches, jewelery, precious metals and gems are quite popular due to the fact that they are all duty free and attract no sales tax. The best place to buy jewelery is at the Magnum Jewelery Store and Island Company.

02. Sunbathe at the Seven Mile Beach

bigstock-Seven-mile-Beach-Grand-Cayman-30955646-1Seven Mile Beach, a long crescent shaped white sand beach, is one of the most famous beaches in George Town. The entire area is lined with luxurious resorts, world class hotels and  grand shopping centers. Some of the best spots for snorkeling and diving in the Cayman Islands are located on the Seven Mile Beach as well. The abundance of tropical fish and a beautiful coral reef also ensure that there is never a shortage of mesmerizing sights for the tourists. One can easily reach this beautiful beach by bus or a taxi.

01. Explore the exotic fauna of the Cayman Islands at Stingray City

Topping the list of the Top 5 Things to Do in George Town is Stingray City. It’s a protected cove near bigstock-Stingray-City-Dive-1427170George Town which has been completely dedicated to preserving the local wildlife and offering tourists magnificent wildlife viewing opportunities. Known to be one of the most popular shore excursions of the Cayman Islands, Stingray City tours allow tourists to interact with these beautiful sea creatures. There are three different ways by which tourists can explore the Stingray City area – snorkeling, scuba diving and glass bottom boat tours. The most popular way is by undertaking a snorkeling / swimming tour. In fact, there are a number of tourists who vouch that the area hosts the best snorkeling experience in the world.

These are just a taste of what you can do when visiting George Town, Grand Cayman. Want to experience it for yourself? You can! It’s one of the ports we’re visiting on the Jade Lee Cruise.  Visit the site for all the details or contact us for more information. Hope you’ll join us!


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  2. We did the String Ray City tour years ago with a private boat that had a captain and first mate. It was totally worth the few extra dollars we spent (we were five people) to not have to be on a crowded tour boat. I would highly recommend doing it that way…you definitely get your money’s worth!

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