Urquhart Castle Loch NessThere is no lack of things to do when visiting Scotland. There is so much diversity in its array of attractions that visitors with varying interests will certainly find something worthwhile and exciting in this country. Whether you intend to spend your holidays teeing off on the golf course, hiking in rugged terrain or uncovering a mystery in the land of Nessie, Scotland will not disappoint.


Here are some ideas you may want to try when visiting Scotland:

History buffs and architecture fans will find the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow appealing. They have plenty of impressive buildings and historical landmarks which can take quite a few days to cover. To name a few, there are the Edinburgh Castle and the Glasgow Cathedral that are both striking and rich in historical significance. Their museums also display impressive collections and are definitely worth checking out.

The cities’ vibrant nightlife, entertainment options and gastronomic offerings are not bad either. Don’t miss out on pub food which actually is quite delicious! The pub’s flurry of activities and exchange of funny stories and camaraderie are just the perfect icing to this delightful experience.

Golfers will have a spectacular time in Scotland. You don’t need reminding that it is world-famous golf The Famous Swilcan Bridge On St Andrews Old Coursehaven. You’ll have countless of golf course options in all parts of the country and many of these courses are top-notch by international standards. A Scotland holiday for golfers is definitely akin to a holiday in golf-heaven.

Scotland is also a hiking and climbing destination. Aside from its countless hills that are perfect for lazy strolls and easy hikes, it is also home to some of the most exciting climbs in the continent. Check out the Cuillins mountain range and conquer both of its peak. There is also the Scottish Highlands whose lochs, rugged trails, dramatic vistas and kilt wearing highlanders are a must-see.

Scotland’s countryside, highlands and mountains are also breathtakingly beautiful. Artists looking for that place of inspiration will find their own special nook in this country. Its scenic views and wild terrain have inspired some of the best works of countless artists. So if you need some artistic boost, Scotland’s fresh air and stunning landscapes may do you good.

Those looking to investigate and solve some mysteries will find quite a handful of exciting challenges in Scotland. First on the list is no other than Nessie – also known as the Loch Ness monster. You can keep watch over the lake for as long as you want. Even if no Nessie shows up, the lake’s pristine beauty is enough to make the trip worthwhile.

Da Vinci Code fans should not miss a visit to the Rosslyn Chapel – a great opportunity to check out the mind-boggling symbols described in the book. Do take a look at the exquisite artworks in the chapel. They are well worth the attention and should not be ignored even by the most somber symbologist aspirant.

Finally, if you just want to relax and take in the idyllic Scottish atmosphere, take advantage of the many parks. They usually offer wonderful views of castles, lakes and rivers. Much more, they come free of charge! So, take some food and drink and enjoy a delightful picnic with a view.

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