Pack Light | Ingenious TravelPack light! This is the mantra every traveler must adhere with.

However, some things are just worth the space and added weight in your baggage. True, these extras are not necessary and can be easily dispensed with but they help make travel a lot easier and more enjoyable. Here are some useful extras you may find worth packing with your travel essentials.

Wet Wipes
You will not mind the lack of soap and water while you are on the road if you carry a pack with you and there is just so much you can do with them. Wiping off dirty surfaces is just one of the many uses. You can also use them to freshen up and cool down by patting it on your face, your temple and your neck. After you have traveled with a pack of wet wipes, you will not think twice about bringing some with you anywhere you go.

Window Cleaner
You may raise your eyebrow on this one but if you are an avid photographer you will surely utter a heartfelt prayer of thanks if you have brought along a small bottle of window cleaner with you when a dirty window gets in the way of a stunning landscape shot while you are traveling on a train or a bus.

Digital Camera
Travelers need no convincing for this one. There is no better travel souvenir than a collection of photos showing some of the best sights of your destination. The only issue with a digital cameras is how big and heavy can you go. Point and shoot cameras are small and lightweight while some DLSR cameras and their many lenses can weigh more than all your clothes and shoes combined.  If you are a pro and you just can’t leave your baby gadget behind, then it is worth carrying all that weight with you. But if you are just starting out, better stick with a basic point and shoot.

Portable Music Player
There is going to be plenty of waiting time when you travel and music is the best way to escape boredom and long queues. Some portable music players are as small, if not smaller, than a human thumb so you will not even notice the one you brought one with you until the situation calls for it. Just be careful not to leave it behind.

Corkscrew, Can Opener and Immersion Heater
These useful extras are recommended for those who are planning on shopping for some provisions at their destination instead of eating out most of the time. You can easily prepare your meals in your hotel room and save substantially on cash if you have these with you.


Small Notebook and a Pen
These two can be really helpful especially when traveling in a country whose language you do not speak and understand. You can ask vendors, taxi drivers or tellers to write down the price for you so that you can make sure not to overpay. If you need to ask anyone about something, you can easily draw what you need and not worry about getting misinterpreted. You can also use this duo in keeping track of your expenses and writing down important information such as your hotel’s address or important reminders.


A few extras in your carry on or checked luggage can add to the enjoyment of your travel and should well be worth their weight.

What are your must haves when traveling? Let us know in the comments below!


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