Lake-Louise-in-Banff | Ingenious TravelBanff National Park in Alberta, Canada attracts millions of tourists year after year. Although the park tends to get too crowded during peak season, it doesn’t deter nature-loving individuals, couples and families from visiting.

Nature treks and camping are perfect during summer while skiing and snow-boarding are best during winter. However, if you want a more tranquil time when visiting the area, summer and winter are not the best occasions because of the myriad of tourists and winter sports enthusiasts. Try the shoulder seasons and you may have the park all to yourself!

There is no lack of exciting things to do and picturesque vistas to see in the park. Banff is home to many azure lakes and majestic mountains that draw visitors all year round. For those with a limited time in the area, the best way to catch sight of as many scenic lake views in as little time possible is to take a drive along the Lake Minnewanka Loop Road. The route will take you from the town of Banff to the serene lakeside campgrounds of Two Jack Lake, through the man-made recreation site of Cascade Ponds before finally arriving at Johnston Lake, a favorite summer destination by locals and tourists alike.

There is also the 4.5 km route to the three Vermilion Lakes, which is a must-visit for bird watchers and nature photographers. If your itinerary allows you to visit more of the famed cerulean waters of Banff, then you don’t the majesty of Lake Louise and vast expanse of Bow Lake. Both not only offer stunning scenery but also provide the perfect setting for glacier watching. If you want to see Johnston Canyon  Walkway | Ingenious Travelsomething bizarre, you may want to check out the Ink Pot pools and see for yourself how they got their name.

The park also features several gorgeous waterfalls such as the Bow Falls and Johnston Canyon upper and lower falls. If you need to rejuvenate from your tiring tour at the end of the day, stop by the Upper Hot Springs for a refreshing dip in its warm pools.

A visit to Banff is not complete without passing by the Cave and Basin, whose discovery paved the way for establishing this area as a national park. To know more about area history, check out the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site.

The park is also home to spectacular gardens that range from manicured lawns to verdant display of colors in the wild. Visit the relaxing Cascade Gardens with its romantic gazebos and pools. But, if you want an untamed display of colorful blooms, head to the Sunshine Meadows and bask in the Cascade Gardens, Banff | Ingenious Travelremarkable beauty of this natural garden surrounded by towering mountains and idyllic lake.

If you’ve had enough of the outdoors, the charming town of Banff also offers many entertainment opportunities. Dining options are plenty and scrumptious meals are not hard to come by. Art galleries, state-of-the-art spas, a modern movie theatre, squash courts and several museums are within close distance for your convenience and enjoyment.

Whether you are a nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast or one who simply wants to have a wonderful vacation, Banff National Park will prove to be a perfect getaway for you.

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