Explore Antarctica – The White Continent

antarctica | ingenious travel

When most people think of a vacation, they probably don’t think of Antarctica. The frigid temperatures, the lack of amenities, the frigid temperatures, the somewhat remote access, and did I mention the frigid temperatures? Still, Antarctica is one of those breathtaking destinations that more and more people are adding to their bucket lists because it’s […]

Small Group Safaris to South Africa

south africa safari | ingenious travel

Think going on safari in South Africa is limited to only the rich? Think again. Just like all forms of travel are more accessible than ever to people these days, the same is true for the former elite’s playground – an African Safari. Read on if you are interested in getting a group of friends […]

The Nelson Mandela South Africa Experience

nelson mandela | south africa | ingenious travel

Now through September 2018, one of the Ingenious Travel partners is hosting a tour called The Nelson Mandela South Africa Experience. This tour features 9 days and 8 nights traveling through Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kruger National Park and Greater Kruger National Park. To learn more about this exciting tour, read on. Who was Nelson Mandela? […]

Three Adventure Trips For Your Consideration

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Deciding on a destination for an adventure trip can be overwhelming. If you don’t even know where to begin, it makes it that much more difficult to come up with the perfect vacation for yourself and your travel companions. With that in mind, below are just three adventure trips for your consideration that might get […]

Top 10 Attractions of New York City

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Are you considering a visit to New York City? If so, you’re in luck because I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 attractions there. You can check them out in alphabetical order below. 911 Memorial – The National September 11 Memorial was built in memory of the almost 3,000 people that were killed in […]

The Game of Thrones Travel Experience

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True Game of Thrones fans know, that if they want to see where the show is filmed, they need to get to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Why, because Belfast is home to Titanic Studios, aka the spot that many episodes are filmed in full. And, what isn’t filmed on set, is filmed closeby to the […]

Pros and Cons of Taking Kids Out of School for Travel

taking kids out of school for travel | ingenious travel

Today, going on a vacation at least once a year has become the norm in many families. Not just in the U.S., but around the world. The unfortunate reality is though, that during winter and summer breaks traveling is generally more expensive than it is during other times of the year. Because of this, some […]

Want to Attend the Kids Choice Awards? Read This!

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Picture this – You and your best pals or gals in Los Angeles, California just feet away from the biggest celebrities in Hollywood getting slimed. Wait, what? This isn’t a dream – it’s the Kids Choice Awards, and you could be one of the lucky few at the show. For more than two decades, Nickelodeon’s […]

Cruise The Northwest Passage In 2018

cruise the northwest passage | ingenious travel

Looking for a unique travel idea for 2018? Why not travel The Northwest Passage? There is an exciting cruise the runs the full extent of the Northwest Passage for 21 nights, voyaging from Greenland to the Canadian Arctic to the Bering Sea and ending in Alaska. About the Journey This unique 24-day adventure will begin […]

Traveling with Food Allergies

traveling with food allergies | ingenious travel

When you’re a frequent flyer who is on a diet because you are allergic to certain foods, it can be difficult dining out while away from home. It may be a bit of a challenge, but it’s not impossible to find the foods you can eat starting in the airport, on the airplane, and at […]