SACRED HOLIDAY TRADITIONS–Sort of – By Jade Lee My mother was Chinese, born in ShangHai, but emigrating here when she met and married my father during graduate school. In many ways, she was very American, but some holiday traditions escaped her. Halloween, for example, was beyond bizarre to her. Why would anyone send out their […]

Top 7 Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico

One of the most popular diving and snorkeling spots in Mexico, Cozumel has become an extremely popular cruise ship destination in the recent years. The island is by far the largest island of Mexico and boasts of a vast variety of unique sights and activities that can be found nowhere else. The turquoise waters, plenty […]

Top 5 Things to Do in George Town, Grand Cayman

George Town, the capital of the Grand Cayman, is popular for a lot more than its banking systems and tax havens. The area is known to host some of the best sights and scenery in the Caribbean. The islands might not be known for dramatic landscapes and lively nightlife. But, what they do offer to […]

Upcoming Cruises: Calling Hockey Fans and Romance Readers

Do you have your cruise booked? Hockey fans, how will you be spending February 2014’s Olympic break? Hopefully you’ll be joining us and other hockey fans for the Hat Trick Cruise! We’ll be sailing the Western Caribbean on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas, visiting Grorge Town, Grand Cayman;  Falmouth, Jamaica; and Labadee, Haiti, while […]

Check it out—Heather Graham’s Miami

Do you have a favorite author whose stories are set in a specific locale?  What could be more fun than to plan a trip down to the area where your favorite author uses as a base for their books? Heather Graham, author of such books as The Killing Edge and Unhallowed Ground has based a […]

Come Sail Away! Theme Cruises

Theme cruises are nothing new; they’ve been around for years.  Everybody’s heard about Singles Cruises, Casino Cruises, and Holiday Cruises.   But did you know you can also take a cruise specially designed for Scrapbookers?  You can.  These days, you can take a cruise geared towards almost anything you can imagine.  Just think about the great […]

Girl Talk

Years ago, when our grandmothers planned a girls get together, it was almost always a morning coffee and cake session, a lunch out on Saturdays and shopping or even getting together with the girls for a game of cards in the evening.    These days, when you think of getting together with the girls, it’s for […]

Next Stop—-

Do you have a favorite hobby, such as going to san diego whale watching or touring lighthouses?  Did you know that there are hundreds of specialty cruises that can be tailored to fit just about anybody’s favorite hobby or interest area?  It’s absolutely true; today you can find a cruise to cover just about anything you […]

Cruise Quick Tips-Part 2

Getting ready for any special trip takes planning but if you are getting ready to head on a cruise for the first time, here are some more great quick tips to keep in mind as you get ready for your trip. Make a packing list – We’ve all done it, gotten everything packed and are […]

Cruise Quick Tips-Part 1

If you found  cruise tickets in your stocking this year, here are some quick tips and things to remember as you get ready to enjoy your very special gift from ‘Santa’. Check out the dress code of the ship.  Yes, while the rest of the world has gone casual, some cruise ships still do have […]